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Boarmaster 35


Item: TS100-OLD

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It’s true the Boarmaster 35 was built with simplicity and affordability in mind, but if you’re thinking entry level think again. We built it on the same robust platform as our acclaimed Avenger 35 but used a 17 micron version of our WAVE thermal sensor and removed cost increasing fanciness to keep your wallet happy. You can expect unwavering performance and rock solid durability as our benchmark technology is still built in, including our Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens, WAVE17 Thermal Sensor, and NAB (Next Generation Alloy Body). If your list of must haves includes simplicity, performance, durability and affordability look no further than the Boarmaster 35.

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Boarmaster 35 Description

Thermal Scope Affordability and Performance. The Fusion Thermal Boarmaster 35 offers so much performance for the money it’s easy to understand why this product is so commonly out of stock. Purpose built for performance but with affordability and simplicity in mind we took out everything fancy but kept everything important to build this beauty. Featuring the exact same foundation as out top shelf Avenger 35 we made a few changes that dramatically reduced price without dramatically changing performance. Things like no video and photo, four reticle options not eight, but most notably is the Pixel Pitch of the sensor. In the Boarmaster 35 we use a 17 micron sensor instead of the 12 micron found in the Avenger 35. Thermal scopes with 17 micron sensors are the backbone of the industry, and so many are produced that costs are significantly lower than the more advanced 12 micron. Using a 17 micron sensor results in slightly lower optical magnification and slightly shorter identification distance. Bummer right? We’ll theirs a difference for sure, but not a total loss as the Boarmaster 35 uses our thermally optimized WAVE17 sensor, so you can expect performance well beyond that of any other 17 micron thermal scope on the market. In fact, after looking hard, we’ve not seen a competitive 12 micron that we did not equal. Yes, it’s very sad for them isn’t it?

Seriously. If you’re stretching the budget joining the thermal revolution look no further than the Boarmaster 35. It offers so much for the money, and performs so well, we think it highly unlikely you’ll ever second guess your decision.

Comes complete with a Premium QD Picatinny Tactical Scope Mount.

“Beware creatures of the night for death lurks and may soon fall upon you.”

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Boarmaster 35 Features

  • Super Friendly User Menu
  • Ultra Easy Sight-In Process
  • WAVE17 Thermal Sensor – 384×288
  • Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens – 35mm
  • Premium QD Tactical Scope Mount
  • Brilliant High-End Video Screen
  • Picture-in-Picture Function
  • Ultraclear Mode – Rain & Fog Performance Boost
  • Battery Saving Standby Mode



Boarmaster 35 Specs

Thermal Sensor: 384 x 288, VOx Uncooled (WAVE17)
Sensor Pixel Size: 17 micron
Objective Lens Diameter: 35 mm (Arclight)
Frame Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
Field-of-View: 562′ at 1000 yards (2.5x optical magnification)
Optical Magnification: 2.5x (before any digital zoom)
Digital Magnification: 5x & 10x (2-step digital zoom)
Display Resolution: 1280 x 960 LCOS
Color Palette Modes: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Pseudo Color
Reticle Options: 4
Detection Range: Up to 1500 Yards
Photo & Video Record: No
Battery Type: CR123A (2x Required)
Expected Battery Life: 4 hours (typical operation)
Length: 7.6″,
Weight: 16.2 oz. (without mount or batteries)


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