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Let’s face it, sometimes things get up close and personal. Having a secondary red dot sighting system mounted in tandem with your Fusion Thermal sight provides a fast and efficient aiming point for close targets. And we’ve made it easy by designing our thermal optic mounts in conjunction with our friends at UNITY Tactical to be compatible with their FAST™ system Offset Optic Base and Offset Adapter Plates, allowing you to mount a secondary red dot right to your thermal optic. When the need arises, simply cant the rifle 35% and rock & roll.

The FAST™ Offset Optic Mount includes both the base and optic adapter plate, everything you need to mount your red dot optic to the Fusion Thermal unit. Each plate comes with a specific optic footprint and uses the optic manufacturer’s hardware. Each plate footprint will accept any mini red dot with that footprint pattern. Plates can mount in three positions on the Offset Optic Base (forward cantilever, centered, rearward cantilever) for a customized fit.



Rusan Adapters are a simple and effective way of attaching a thermal clip-on device to your scopes objective bell. Once the adapter is screwed on to your thermal clip-on you simply slip it over the front lens of your scope and move the lever to the clamp closed position. The attachment takes just a few seconds. The Rusan adapter slips over approximately 1.4” of your objective lens so there’s lots of clamping surface area for a great hold. The inside of the adapter is lined with a special film to provide for extra gripping power and assures a scratch free attachment.

Scope fit chart: Rusan Adapter Fitment Chart

Important Notice
It is the outside diameter of your scope lens housing that determines the adapter size needed, not your lens size.
For example, Swarovski scopes with 50mm objective lenses have an external housing diameter of 56mm. For a Swarovski 50mm scope you would need Rusan Adapter Model: ARM52-56. It is the last two numbers in the product SKU that indicate adapter size.
Call before ordering if you have unresolved questions.