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SKU: TS100

It’s true the Boarmaster 40 was built with simplicity and affordability in mind, but if you’re thinking entry level think again. This heat seeking powerhouse was built on our most proven technology and delivers optical performance way above its class, but to keep things simple and your wallet happy we removed some non-essential bells and whistles. You can expect unwavering performance and rock-solid durability as our benchmark technology is all there, including our Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens, WAVE17 Thermal Sensor, and XGEN Alloy Housing. We also thought you might want to keep things simple, so you’ll find our T3 – Three Button Control System which lets you operate everything with only three buttons. If that’s not enough, you’ll also find our KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) operators’ menu, a menu written in English for Americans, by Americans. You’ll find the KISS so easy to navigate you might never read the instructions.

So, there you have it, simplicity, performance, durability, and affordability. Looks like we checked all the boxes rather nicely!



It would be hard to overstate the level of performance unleashed by the Boarmaster 55XR. This big brother in the Boarmaster family brings to bear our upsized 55mm Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens and our flagship WAVE12 sensor with 640×512 resolution. There is so much here that stacks the deck it hard to find a beginning point without sounding like we’re bragging. However, all great things must have a start so here we go.

You can expect everything common to the Boarmaster product line and that begins with our T3 -Three Button Control System that allows you to operate everything with three buttons. This ingenious design features a center tower that always gives your fingers a position operational awareness, even in complete darkness. Our English language KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) operators’ menu is so easy to understand you’ll likely never read the manual.  The Micro Click Focus system allows for an unprecedented focus opportunity that gives you the ability to get precisely on top of the perfect focus point. Finally, our XGEN Next Generation Alloy Housing wraps your expensive device in a clad of armor and dissipates heat 71,900 % better than plastic and fiber filled epoxy plastics.

The Boarmaster 55XR truly delivers a thermal experience uncommon for what’s commercially available. Your only mistake may be looking thru one if you didn’t plan on owning one!


SKU: TS300

Our premium Avenger 35 is the stallion of our dedicated thermal scope line. It features our Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens and the WAVE12 Thermal Sensor, these two proprietary technologies allow our 384 resolution scope to dramatically outperform all others in its class and leave many 640 resolution imagers wanting for more. Built for decades of service the Avenger 35 is seriously rugged featuring our XGEN (Next Generation Alloy Body).

If you’re looking for 640 level performance without breaking the bank on a 640 scope we suggest you give the Avenger 35 some serious consideration.


SKU: TC500

The Fusion Thermal Recon 3 is what we call a “multi-use thermal optic”. As the name implies this thermal scope provides its owner with maximum flexibility in how it can be used. Included with Recon 3 thermal scope are two different kinds of eyepieces. The first is what we call the “human eyepiece” and it allows the Recon 3 to be used as a handheld monocular.  The second is what we call the “clip-on eyepiece” and it sets up your Recon 3 to be used as a thermal clip-on which effectively turns your day scope into a thermal hunting machine. All that is needed is the right adapter to connect the Recon 3 to your scope, and we carry a full assortment of adapters to fit nearly any scope on the market. The Recon 3 is supercharged with our Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens and WAVE Thermal Sensor, so get ready for performance that blows all competitive products in its class. If you really want to maximize your investment in thermal scope technology perhaps the Recon 3 is the right fit for you.


SKU: TC600

The Fusion Thermal Recon 6 XR is the flagship of the Fusion Thermal clip on offerings.