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Recon 3 – Demo Unit

MPTO - Multi Purpose Thermal Optic

Item: TC500-D

UPC: 850030459015

This unit was lightly used for testing or demo purposes and has undergone a full factory inspection and certification for sale. All demo Fusion Thermal units are covered by a 1 year warranty.

The Fusion Thermal Recon 3 is what we call a “multi-use thermal optic”. As the name implies this thermal scope provides its owner with maximum flexibility in how it can be used. Included with Recon 3 thermal scope are two different kinds of eyepieces. The first is what we call the “human eyepiece” and it allows the Recon 3 to be used as a handheld monocular.  The second is what we call the “clip-on eyepiece” and it sets up your Recon 3 to be used as a thermal clip-on which effectively turns your day scope into a thermal hunting machine. All that is needed is the right adapter to connect the Recon 3 to your scope, and we carry a full assortment of adapters to fit nearly any scope on the market. The Recon 3 is supercharged with our Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens and WAVE Thermal Sensor, so get ready for performance that blows all competitive products in its class. If you really want to maximize your investment in thermal scope technology perhaps the Recon 3 is the right fit for you.

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Recon 3 – Demo Unit Description

Clip On Thermal Scope Perfected. The Fusion Thermal Recon 3 MPTO – Multi Purpose Thermal Optic takes the Clip On Thermal Scope platform to an entirely new level. This multi-use thermal optic gives you maximum flexibility worthy of your big dollar investment and with our Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens and WAVE Thermal Sensor premium performance is assured.

Experienced thermal users know that the real power of thermal is what it can do for you when its in your hand. In fact, we suggest that if you buy the Recon 3 you’ll mostly use it in its handheld configuration: use it for scouting, for finding wounded or dead game, use it for pre dawn walks to stand without spooking anything, use it to find your lost dog, friend or wife, use it on your boat, use it for home security. As a handheld thermal its uses are nearly endless. Don’t forget thermal vision is not night vision, its completely usable during the day, all you need is heat differential and it will work. Want to triple or quadruple the number of deer you see during a hunt? You’ll spot every deer in the field and those back on the woods line in a matter of seconds. For the deer and elk hunters its a total game changer.

When your ready to use it as a Clip On Thermal Scope its no problem simply attach the Clip On eyepiece (supplied) and the correct scope bell adapter (sold individually) and your in business. Want to use it on multiple rigs, no problem, we sell lots of adapters to fit nearly any day scope, just get the right adapter for each scope you want to use it on and your in business. With the quick lever adapters putting on and taking it off your scope takes five seconds, quick and easy.

If you can’t afford or don’t want to own multiple thermal optics we suggest you give the Recon 3 some serious consideration.

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Recon 3 – Demo Unit Features

  • Super Friendly User Menu
  • WAVE17 Thermal Sensor – 384×288
  • Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens – 42mm
  • MPTO – Multi Purpose Thermal Optic Functionality
  • Brilliant High-End Video Screen
  • Ultraclear Mode – Rain & Fog Performance Boost
  • Ultra Easy POI (Point-of-Impact) Correction
  • Battery Saving Standby Mode
  • Secure & Safe Attachment System



Recon 3 – Demo Unit Specs

Thermal Sensor: 384×288, VOx Uncooled (WAVE)
Sensor Pixel Size: 17 micron
Objective Lens Diameter: 42mm (Arclight)
Frame Refresh Rate: 50Hz
Field-of-View: 467′ at 1000 yards (3x optical magnification)
Optical Magnification: 3x (before any digital zoom)
Digital Magnification: 6x & 12x (zoomed up digitally)
Display Resolution: 1024×768 OLED
Color Palette Modes: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, Pseudo Color
Detection Range: Up to 2300 Yards
Photo & Video Record w/ WIFI Transfer: No
Battery Type: CR123 (2x Required)
Expected Battery Life: >4hrs
Length: 6.0″
Weight: 14.8 oz.
Adapter Ring: M52x0.75


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Questions About Recon 3 – Demo Unit

 Does the Recon 3 utilize the WAVE Sensor Technology and what is it?

Yes, the Recon 3 does indeed have our proprietary WAVE Sensor Technology and it’s the main reason this thermal’s 384 sensor outperforms so many 640s. WAVE (Wavelength Area Variation Expansion) is the result of our obsession with perfecting thermal imaging. Each sensor pixel is carefully optimized to increase its temperature variation sensitivity so it can report unique electrical signals to the display. The net result is significantly better resolution and enhanced images for the user.   

What is the Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens?

The single most expensive and important component of a thermal optic is its germanium objective lens. If you go cheap here it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your components are, the unit will never perform to potential. Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lenses are painfully expensive for us but they are key to making everything else perform exceptionally well. The ArcLight Lens pushes the limits of technology and perfects the task of allowing infrared rays to enter our thermal device unhindered by distortion thereby delivering maximum energy to the WAVE® thermal sensor. This one two punch unleashes dramatically better image quality over competitive devices.   

How do I know this unit will work with my scope?

The Recon 3 will work with most scopes so long as the low power magnification is 4X or less. When a thermal clip-on is placed in front of a day scope the day scope it is viewing a small screen within the thermal, it is not looking thru the thermal. If your scope magnification to too high you will zoom up on the thermal screen too much and the image will appear grainy and be largely unusable. Clip-On thermals offer huge benefits, but if you decide on a clip-on you should understand they will only work with your scope at lower magnifications. How low depends on your particular scope but you should plan on a max magnification of about 4X.

If I want to use as a clip-on how do I attach it?

The Recon 3 comes with a special clip-on eyepiece that when connected to the unit switches it into “Clip-On Mode”. This supplied eyepiece is universal and readies your scope for use as a clip-on. What is also needed is the specific adapter that connects the eyepiece to the outside front lens housing of your day scope. We offer a full range of adapters to fit most common size day optics. Note, the adapter needed is not determined by front objective lens size. The adapter needed is determined by the outside diameter of the housing. As an example, many 50mm objective lenses have outside housings that are 56 to 58mm in diameter. 

Will my Point of Impact change when I put the Recon 3 in front of my day scope?

As discussed above, when a thermal clip-on is placed in front of a day scope the day scope it is viewing a small screen within the thermal, it is not looking thru the thermal. Thus, it is impossible for any thermal clip-on to honestly claim that no Point-of-Impact shift will ever occur. There are too many possible scope mounting configurations to make this claim. If there is a Point of Impact shift, don’t worry, it’s a one-shot fix with the Recon 3, and it will remember your correction. Don’t let this concern you, the correction required could not be easier and its entirely possible you may not have any POI shift at all.   

What is the unit’s magnification, and will it zoom to a higher magnification?

The optical magnification when the unit is in Observation Mode is 3X. The unit does have two steps of digital magnification where step doubles the previous magnification. Thus, 3X is your optical magnification, which can be doubled to 6X digitally, which can be doubled again to 12X digitally. The digital zoom feature is only relative to the Observation Mode and is accessed by three quick presses of the middle Menu button. When in Clip-On Mode the digital zoom feature is disabled, all the magnification increase is accomplished by your day scope.

What is the warranty for the Recon 3 thermal clip-on?

The Recon 3 is covered by our One (1) Year Transferable Demo Warranty. How it works: If you register your warranty within sixty (60) days of purchase the one year will begin on the date of original purchase, if you don’t it will begin on the manufacture date embedded in the serial number. If the device is transferred or sold to a second party the warranty will default to the serial number date.

What is the recoil rating for the Recon 3?

Well-built thermal devices don’t have the shock sensitivity common with traditional night vision devices. The Recon 3 is exceptionally well built and can handle even the most aggressive recoils, even including a 50 BMG. 

Can I use the unit during the daytime without damaging it?

Yes, absolutely no problem. One of the things most thermal shoppers don’t understand is thermal technology is much more than just heat sensing night vision. Daytime use, especially with handheld observation devices, is a huge part of how thermal can be used. All you need for successful deployment is temperature differential. Yes, it gets a bit more challenging when things around you heat up, but you will soon find that thermal can be used under nearly all environmental conditions. All you need is temperature differential; you don’t need an absence of daylight. 

Is the Recon 3 water-resistant?

The Recon 3 has an IP Rating of 67, which is an excellent rating for an electrical device. Specifically: With all port covers in place and/or firmly tightened the unit is 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand, and it has been tested to work for a least 30 minutes while under 1M of water. We have gone to great lengths to build a unit very resistant to water and debris, however, this is an electrical device with several ports and penetrations. No user should intentionally use this device in wet environments. Please note, product malfunction or failure by water damage is not covered under warranty.

What should I expect for battery life?

We’ve done extensive testing and can confidently state that you should expect the Recon 3 to operate for four hours on a fresh pair of CR123 batteries. You can extend this time period by a good margin if you get in the habit of using the Standby Mode feature. This is a one click of the button way to instantly turn the power to the viewing screen on and off without shutting down the entire unit. It maximizes battery life without causing you any inconvenience. 

Does the unit take photos or video?

No, at least not internally. We intentionally left out these features to keep the Recon 3 operationally simple and maximize battery life. However, it does have the ability to export video via a cable to a DVR. If your determined to record your heroic moments it can be done.

What is the units Bluetooth capability?

The Bluetooth feature on the Recon 3 only drives the Standby Mode feature via a remote. The idea is to attach the remote to the forearm stock and click the remote when your ready to engage a target.