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Boarmaster 40E (Enhanced)


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UPC: 850030459121

How do you make your top selling product even more popular? Simple, you upgrade it. Introducing the Boarmaster 40E, where E=Enhanced.

Friends we keep telling you about our obsession for Perfecting the Vision of Heat and the Boarmaster 40E is a great example.  Driven by a passion for continuous improvement we took our top selling Boarmaster 40 and gave it a major upgrade by switching to our premium WAVE12 (12-micron) thermal sensor. As expected, the result is nothing short of stunning. Our 384×288 WAVE12 sensor delivers more magnification, 3X versus 2.5X,  and higher resolution images with performance that exceeds competitive units costing thousands more.

Remember, its what’s under the hood that matters, and this big upgrade is going to shake things up a bit. It’s no wonder why Fusion Thermal is the fastest growing thermal brand in the US


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Boarmaster 40E (Enhanced) Description

Our original Boarmaster 40 set the standard for compactness, performance, simplicity, and affordability. Today it’s still one of our most popular models, but as you know technology marches on, and Americans love bigger and better. Enter the Boarmaster 40E, where E = Enhanced. This new variant features our WAVE12 (12-Micron) thermal sensor for a higher level of performance that’s sure to please even the most demanding operators. Immediately you’ll notice a serious uptick in target resolution so expect to see things in an entirely different way. It also features a new higher 3X optical magnification which many believe to be the perfect balance between target resolution and field-of-view. You’re going to notice that your detection range just got a lot longer too up by a whopping 27%, now 1900 yards. However, everything else is the same as we held true to the Boarmaster build philosophy of keeping things simple and your wallet happy. Expect top-shelf performance and rock-solid durability as all our benchmark technology is there, including our Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens, WAVE12 Thermal Sensor, Micro Click Focus, XGEN Armored Housing, T3 – Three Button Control System, and our exclusive KISS (Keep it Simple Stupid) operator’s menu, the menu that’s so easy to operate you might never read the instructions.
Many thought the Boarmaster 40 was shear perfection and we did too. Then we remembered our calling, the single statement that defines us, “Perfecting the Vision of Heat” and suddenly great was no longer good enough. For those who demand more we offer the Boarmaster 40E, the new standard in compact thermal scopes!

Fusion Thermal Exclusive Technology

T3 Control System – Your Fingers Won’t Get Lost in the Dark
The only thing cooler then the way our T3 – Three Button Control System looks is how easy it is to use. Our highly intuitive three button design with its center tower makes using your thermal scope simple and easy. Every command you need is right at your fingertips, and the Center Tower evenly splits the button control panel, so you always know where your fingers are. We thought this a particularly good thing since you’ll be using it in the dark most of the time. Besides simpler is better, and the T3, well it’s as easy as 1-2-3.

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Menu – You Might Never Read the Manual
You know the phrase, Keep It Simple Stupid, and at Fusion Thermal it’s the reason we can make the industries boldest statement: Our operating menu is so easy to use you’ll likely never read the instructions. Yep, that’s right. Finally, a highly advanced electronic device that doesn’t require a PHD to use. How’d we, do it? It was simple. We don’t care about making our products usable by someone on the other side of the planet, so or menu uses words and not confusing icons. Words that are in English, with instructions that are written for Americans by Americans. Wow, the happiness you find by keeping things simple.

Micro Click Focus – Forget the Dog Collar
Getting your target into focus quickly and easily is a must, and you won’t find a better system than our Micro Click Focus. Our tall tactile focus knob is conveniently located on top of the front lens assembly so it’s easy to reach and easy to find, even in complete darkness. This is critical if you want to keep your eye in the scope and on target, and unlike the dog collar design used by most of our competitors you won’t need to perform a circus act or trash your shoulder just to focus your scope. Plus, you’ll always get your best shot as the micro click adjustments put you exactly on top of the perfect focus point every time. This feature is such a big advancement over the competitive design its often touted as this thing our customers love most about our scopes.

XGEN Alloy Housing – Plastic is for toys. Metal is for tools. 
It’s a fact, operational heat is the enemy of all thermal devices, and if your thermal can’t get rid of the heat it generates your image quality will suffer. Worse yet is the long-term damage this heat will cause to everything in the device. Your thermal was expensive, and you’ve got to get the heat out to keep it operating properly. This is why we never use plastic or other polymer housings. Plastics and polymers are insulators and aluminum alloys are conductors, one traps heat, and one gets rid of it. It’s that simple. Sure, plastic is ridiculously cheap but it’s a shortcut we refuse to take, and it’s something nearly all our competitors do. Our XGEN (Next Generation Alloy Body) shields your expensive investment in a clad of armor, and our high-end 6082 Structural Aluminum Alloy displaces heat 71,900% better than plastic*. This is a huge difference and reason alone why you should buy one of our products. Think about it, if our competitors are taking a shortcut on something this obvious, what else are they skimping on? It’s your money buy something of value with it.

*Source Thermal Conductivity Coefficients: Plastic & Epoxy Glass Fiber W/(m-K) = 0.25 max as compared to AL 6082 Aluminum W/(m-K) = 180

WAVE Sensor Technology – Spend Less, Get More
Is it possible for one 384 sensor to outperform all other 384s, and even some 640s? Is it possible for one 640 sensor to clearly outperform all other 640s? The answer to these questions is yes, a resounding yes. Don’t be fooled into thinking a sensor resolution specification is the definitive guide to quality, performance and longevity. The difference in what you get from one thermal to the next can be HUGE! Our WAVE sensor technology sets the standard for the industry, and delivers performance that consistently exceeds expectations. The WAVE, Wavelength Area Variation Expansion, is a technology born from our obsession about thermal technology, and why we live by the slogan Perfecting the Vision of Heat. It’s the reason our products outperform others that cost more, sometimes thousands more. Every single pixel on a WAVE sensor is carefully optimized to increase its temperature variation uniformity and sensitivity. This results in an increasingly more precise electrical signal being sent to the display, and why you’ll discover a visual experience that you simply were not expecting.

Its true, you usually get what you pay for, but you don’t always have to pay more to get more. Fusion Thermal’s WAVE technology is an industry game changer, and our products are why people are spending a lot less to get the performance they want. Yes, it can happen, you can get more for your money, and Fusion Thermal is here to make it happen.

 Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens – Seeing is Believing
The single most expensive and important component of a thermal optic is its germanium objective lens. If you go cheap here it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your components are, the unit will never perform to potential. Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lenses are not cheap, but they are key to making everything else perform exceptionally well. The purity of the Arclight Lens pushes the limits of technology and perfects the task of funneling infrared rays into the thermal sensor unhindered by distortion. This infrared energy dump unleashes the full potential of our supercharged WAVE sensor. The resulting image quality is exactly as expected, perfection!
Perfecting the Vision of Heat. It’s what we do, it’s who we are.

Fusion Thermal Premium QD Mount – FAST & Secure
To anchor the Boarmaster to your rig we teamed up with defense contractor UNITY Tactical to offer what we think is the most stable and versatile thermal scope mount on the market. Our unique riser features the interface for the UNITY FAST™ Offset Mount Base. This platform gives the operator the option to easily connect a reflex red dot directly to the mount riser. Something that might prove useful if a charging swine has you on his list. To complete the package we wanted an attachment system that had a proven track record of durability and precise return to zero, so we decided on none other than ADM.

ITAR Control Statement
This product is subject to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). You many not export, re-export, resell, transfer or otherwise dispose of this product to any other country without first obtaining approval from the U.S. Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade in accordance with the ITAR, Title 22, and Code of Federal Regulations Part 120-130. Diversion contrary to U.S. law is prohibited. View our Export Policy



Boarmaster 40E (Enhanced) Features

  • T3 – Three Button Control System
  • KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) Operating Menu
  • WAVE12 – 384×288 Premium 12-Micron Thermal Sensor
  • Arclight – 40mm Ultra HD Objective Lens
  • XGEN – Next Generation Alloy Housing
  • Huge Field-of-View – Perfect for Scattering Hogs
  • Micro Click Focus – Fast Click-by-Click Precision Focus
  • Blazing Fast 5 Second Start-Up Time
  • Premium QD Tactical Scope Mount
  • Five Year Transferable Warranty
  • Made in the European Union



Boarmaster 40E (Enhanced) Specs

Thermal Sensor: 384 x 288, VOx Uncooled (WAVE12)
Sensor Pixel Size: 12 micron
Objective Lens Diameter: 40 mm (Arclight)
Frame Refresh Rate: 50 Hz
Field-of-View: 360′ at 1000 yards (3.0x optical magnification)
Base Level Magnification: 3.0x (before any digital zoom)
Digital Magnification: 6x & 12x (2-step digital zoom)
Display Type/Resolution: Super HD OLED RGBW / 3.2 Million Dots
Color Palette Modes: 4 (white hot, black hot, red hot, rainbow)
Reticle Design Options: 7 (plus a “no reticle” 8th option)
Reticle Color Options: 5 (white, black, red, green, blue)
Multiple Gun Profiles: yes (save up to 5 different zeros)
Detection Range: Up to 1900 Yards
Recognition & Identification Range: none published (see below)*
Start-Up Time/Cold Start: 5 Seconds (logo appearance to functional use)
Start-Up Time/Power Saver Mode: Instant (button press to functional use)
Auto Shutdown Battery Saver: yes (30 min. turn off with no use)
On Board Video Record: no
Video Output: no
WIFI Equipped: no
Battery Type: CR123A 3V Batteries or 3.7V  Rechargeable (2x)
Expected Battery Life: 4 hours (typical operation)
External Power Supply Capable: yes (via USB-C port)
Recoil Rating: 300 Win Mag
Operating Temp Range: -22F to +122F (-30C to +50C)
Nitrogen Purged: Yes
Front Lens Housing Outside Diameter: 49.7mm
Length: 6.5″ (housing front to housing back)
Weight: 18.3 oz. (without mount or batteries)
UPC: 850030459121

*There is no industry standardized test to determine a Recognition and/or Identification Range, thus they are meaningless specifications for comparative shopping. Unfortunately, many companies take the liberty of publishing fantasy numbers that only serve to mislead shoppers who are doing good faith research. We do not to participate in this practice.


Questions About Boarmaster 40E (Enhanced)

Does the Boarmaster 40E utilize the WAVE Sensor Technology and what is it?
Yes, the Boarmaster 40E does indeed have our proprietary WAVE Sensor Technology and specifically it’s the WAVE12 sensor that we use to power this thermal scope. There is much about this technology that we keep as a closely guarded secret but here is an overview. On each thermal sensor there are hundreds of thousands of pixels on the sensor face and each of these tiny points are designed to capture the infrared energy brought in by the front objective lens.  These are a lot of sensor points to keep functioning properly and on most thermal units you get a large variation in performance. Our WAVE sensors are carefully built and optimized in such a way that every one of these pixel points sees an increase in temperature variation uniformity and overall sensitivity. When it all comes together the result in an explosion in performance and its why our 384 sensor will outperform everything else in its class, and even some units above its class.  We live by the slogan Perfecting the Vision of Heat and the WAVE thermal sensor technology is the result of this unyielding obsession.

What is the Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lens?
The single most expensive and important component of a thermal optic is its germanium objective lens. If you go cheap here it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your components are, the unit will never perform to potential. Arclight Ultra HD Germanium Lenses are painfully expensive for us, but they are key to making everything else perform exceptionally well. The ArcLight Lens pushes the limits of technology and perfects the task of allowing infrared rays to enter our thermal device unhindered by distortion thereby delivering maximum energy to the WAVE thermal sensor. This one two punch unleashes dramatically better image quality over competitive devices.

How many zeros can I save?
The Boarmaster 40E allows you to save up to five different zero positions. Each of these positions are called Gun Profiles and are designated G1, G2, G3, G4 and G5. When you want to zero your scope you should select a specific profile before you start so you can save your zero settings to that profile. Profiles are handy and their use allows you to save zeros for different setups or ammo alternatives. If you’re not accustomed to moving your scope from one gun to the next you should work to get over your concern. Modern mounting designs and Picatinny rails have changed to game and with the right QD (Quick Disconnect) scope mount the process is simple and easy. You just need to remember to put the scope back to the same spot on the rail when putting it back on. If you, do you will experience excellent return to zero.

Can I zero the scope for any distance I want?
Yes, you may zero the scope at any distance you like. However, we like to recommend a 50-yard sight-in distance with a 50 yard zero. Fifty-yard sight-in distances make things easy and 50-yard zeros give you excellent point-of-aim / point-of-impact performance over the effective shooting distance of a thermal scope.

Can I use the digital zoom when sighting in my scope?
Yes. While its true most competitive products don’t hold their point of impact with digital zoom this is not the case will Fusion Thermal scopes. Our digital zoom is painstakingly aligned to perfection with the optical system at the factory, so if digital zoom helps you get things sighted you can proceed with confidence.

If I remove the batteries for storage will the Boarmaster 40E save my zero settings and for how long?
Yes, your zero setting, gun profiles etc. will all be saved indefinitely. Unless of course you do a factory reset. When you make a user adjustment the Boarmaster 40E saves this information to an internal software file. Its just like your computer at home or office; the information is saved even if the unit is powered down for extended periods of time.

What is the unit’s magnification, and will it zoom to a higher magnification?
The optical magnification of the Boarmaster 40E is 3X and yes it will zoom higher with its two-step digital zoom of 6x and 12x. Since magnification of the target is the point of a scope you might be tempted to think more is better but for thermal this is not the case. The most important thing is optical performance as you cannot make up in magnification what you loose from poor target resolution. The other critical factor is field-of-view so remember the higher you go in magnification the more tunneled vision the scope becomes. Anything more than 3.5x can come with significant compromises in field-of-view.

What is the warranty for the Boarmaster 40E thermal scope?
We offer one of the best warranties in the industry and the Boarmaster 40E is covered by our Five (5) Year Transferable Warranty. How it works: If you register your warranty within sixty (60) days of purchase the five years will begin on the date of original purchase, if you don’t it will begin on the manufacture date embedded in the serial number. If the device is transferred or sold to a second party the warranty will default to the serial number date.

What is the recoil rating for the Boarmaster 40E?
Well-built thermal devices don’t have the shock sensitivity common with traditional night vision devices. The Boarmaster 40 is exceptionally well built and can handle even the most aggressive recoils. Magnum calibers like 300 Win Mag are not problem.

Can I use the unit during the daytime without damaging it?
Yes, absolutely no problem. One of the things most thermal shoppers don’t understand is thermal technology is much more than just heat sensing night vision. Daytime use, especially with handheld observation devices, is a huge part of how thermal can be used. All you need for successful deployment is temperature differential. Yes, it gets a bit more challenging when things around you heat up, but you will soon find that thermal can be used under nearly all environmental conditions. All you need is temperature differential; you don’t need an absence of daylight.

Is the Boarmaster 40E water-resistant?
The Boarmaster 40E has an IP Rating of 67, which is an excellent rating for an electrical device. Specifically: With all port covers in place and/or firmly tightened the unit is 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand, and it has been tested to work for a least 30 minutes while under 1M of water. We have gone to great lengths to build a unit very resistant to water and debris, however, this is an electrical device with several ports and penetrations. No user should intentionally use this device in wet environments. Please note, product malfunction or failure by water damage is not covered under warranty.

What should I expect for battery life?
We’ve done extensive testing and can confidently state that you should expect the Boarmaster 40E to operate for four hours on a fresh pair of CR123 batteries. You can extend this time period by a good margin if you get in the habit of using the Standby Mode feature. This is a one click of the button way to instantly turn the power to the viewing screen on and off without shutting down the entire unit. It maximizes battery life without causing you any inconvenience.

Does the unit take photos or video?
No, at least not internally. We intentionally left out these features to keep the Boarmaster 40E operationally simple and maximize battery life. However, it does have the ability to export video via a cable to a DVR. If your determined to record your heroic moments it can be done.